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Posted by Toni on 27th March and posted in Uncategorized

There are already, more than 5000 community or complementary currencies in the world, and only in Germany and Austria around 60 coins that are already working and around 30 in deployment process, if you want to know more visit (with the google translator you can help for people who do not know German). The case representative in Germany is the Community currency regio Chiemgauer, driven by six young women from 16 and 17 years as a project of the Waldorf, this coin school started its operation in 2003 and up to the present date has had impressive growth, began with a community of 235 members and today reaches almost 3000 in 2007 turnover was 2.254.168 and they ended 2008 with a turnover of 3.941.843, but above all, is that the degree of cooperation among the members has gone far beyond a few figures. In the world at the community level, there are also other systems, which in essence understands the structural failure of the economy caused by the interest rate and the money backed in debt more than complementary or regional currencies, including systems we have: LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems), time banks, Time Dollars, clubs and barter networks. And complementing all these systems have also free of interests, including banking: the JAK BANK of Austria, WIR BANK in Switzerland which also has its own community currency, among others. (Clarifies that to say Community refers to the Group of companies and people who associate voluntarily and whose members to affiliate themselves they accept and respect the rules and regulations of this Association). Currently in the town of Worgl operates an Institute that helps the emulation of the experiment of neutral money or oxidizable money to communities that want to do so, is the Unterguggenberger Institute. Similarly the RegioGeld organization which promotes the Regios in Germany, opens the doors to any community that requires your knowledge and experiences.

In the same way in the portals and documentation section, you can find a vast information to implement a complementary currency in your community. And this crisis is the great opportunity for that in any country of Latin America and the world, hundreds of miracles as the Worgl come to light, and so be able to finally build an economy that is servant of humanity and the environment. The tools are there, the decision is in our hands. Humanity and planet Earth are at a crossroads. In the next 20 years we will witness the unrecoverable loss of much of the biodiversity and the deterioration of the quality of life of a vast number of people, or you will enter into a new evolutionary stage. Given the remarkable power motivator of the money, with only modify the monetary system can, gradually, tilt the direction in which we motivate billions of people without trying to control his conduct Bernard Lietaer Si policy to recognize and solve this bug constructive capitalism, soar a broad prosperity, full employment and peace throughout the world, and would also contribute to conservation as a place of life, our wonderful planet. If we introduce the neutral money, will not be more slaves of the economy.

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