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Global Warming – We Make The Future

Posted by Toni on 31st August and posted in Uncategorized

Australian authorities have started shooting kangaroos around Canberra. Wildfire in California is out of control. Kamchatka Geyser Valley in July, will take tourists. Global warming and cooling – what to expect Next? Exotic animal trade. Review of the week from 05.19.2008 to 25.05.2008. Australian authorities have started shooting kangaroos around Canberra in the Australian capital Canberra is planned mass shooting of kangaroos. Sharp increase in recent years the numbers of these marsupials threatens them with starvation.

In addition, in jeopardy living in the vicinity of Canberra rare lizards and butterflies. It is planned to eliminate about 400 individuals of a species eastern gray kangaroos. We are talking only about the animals that live in the metropolitan area. The animals were driven into the pen area of 130 hectares, surrounded by a fence height about 2.5 meters, after which specifically employed by the Ministry of staff began killing kangaroos with spears, followed by sleeping with lethal injection. The authorities expect that the entire process will take two to three weeks. Estimated animal advocates, Monday were killed 40 individuals, including calves. On Tuesday, two activists tried to prevent the destruction of kangaroos, destroying in one place fence enclosure, however, according to a military department, just scared animals. Despite the setback, head of the Australian Association for the Protection of Wildlife, Pat O'Brien said it plans together with their colleagues on Wednesday night to enter into direct conflict with the authorities in order to stop killing the animals. Details of the operation O'Brien refused to disclose.

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