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Personal Young

Posted by Toni on 1st October in art and science

We arrive now in Average Ensino, moment where the young is full of you doubt in its head, trying to imagine which area of the work market desires to act, many times, looking for courses of professional qualification, courses for preparatory in ENEM, public competitions, Shovels, at last, the young tries of some form to […]

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Traditional Reading

Posted by Toni on 30th September in art and science

The child demonstrates clearly its capacity of abstraction and generalization, that is, the thought concrete of the child does not mean that the child is incapable of abstractions because it knows that the result gotten with a symbol is only representation of some objective concrete (NUNES, 2005). Profile of the pupils: The profile of the […]

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The Responsible

Posted by Toni on 12th September in art and science

(P1) ' ' … Not. Although to be finishing the graduation, I did not have none disciplines that it contemplated methodologies of work with pupils PNEE, and same if had, I do not believe that one or two you discipline come to enable somebody to offer quality education. I am not cogitating the creation of […]

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Basic Education

Posted by Toni on 19th February in art and science

To the being approved for the president of the republic, the same it vetoed art.2 which treats on the formation specifies of professors for the education of music. In accordance with sobreira Slvia (2008): ' ' In the justification for veto it has the allegation of that music is one practical social one and that […]

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Posted by Toni on 13th August in art and science

The constant concern with the education has been explored in the inquiry and methods using a logical adaptation in its theories, having a long done history of diverse theories, throughout the years was to the search of data gotten through research, only has generated great confrontations until arriving at the understanding and the resolution of […]


Discourse Analysis

Posted by Toni on 13th June in art and science

This article is considered to approach it, with support of the estimated theoreticians of the Analysis of the Speech, the rich universe of Peanuts conquanto examines, synthetic form, its main subjects that, even so carried out for infants in little pretensiosos scenes, despite drawn of form simple sucinta and, load great significao, as quiet street, […]

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National Curricular Parameters

Posted by Toni on 29th January in art and science

We wait with this, to inside awake an education of mathematics of the educational scope that provides to the pupil a reading and interpretation of the reality of form more significant than, as in them admonishes the National Curricular Parameters? PCN? s (BRAZIL, 1997), the mathematics is indispensable in the construction of the citizenship and […]

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Posted by Toni on 30th September in art and science

The schools in turn could not be outside of this new world-wide constant, since one of the main connectives between the school and the world it is the information, that today, in the age of the computer, with the use of the Internet, has been each faster time. Therefore the necessity clearly becomes to insert […]

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Agricultural Federal University

Posted by Toni on 29th September in art and science

Marlia Millena Remgio of the Coast & Renan of the Barbosa Birth 1,2? Department of Biology of the Agricultural Federal University of Pernambuco? Academic unit of Cut Mountain range Word-key: Conception, Pupils, Caatinga the term ' ' Caatinga' ' it is of Tupi origin and it means ' ' it kills branca' ' , mentioning […]

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School Citizen

Posted by Toni on 20th July in art and science

As educators we have to make the difference in educational history and of life of our pupils: The power of the professor is in such a way in its capacity to reflect critically on the reality to transform it how much into the possibility to form a group of friends and friends. (…) They point […]

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Ones Society

Posted by Toni on 5th June in art and science

The author still recommends that the evaluation is instrument auxiliary of the learning and not exclusively used for approval and reprovao. Luckesi affirms that the school would have to be the place where educator and educating in a democratic relation, because interested in an only objective: the formation of educating, jointly dedicates to ace activities […]

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Contested Territories

Posted by Toni on 21st May in art and science

The educational system, under the point of view presented here, preponderantly does not value the daily experiences of the pupils, using them as motivacional and facilitador pedagogical resource of the learning. The nature of the pertaining to school culture makes it difficult the insertion knowing of them daily in practical the pedagogical ones, as it […]

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