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Simple List Extensions

Posted by Toni on 2nd March in informatics

Nothing much! That's if Microsoft gets it right. First impressions seem very promising and all indications show a much more powerful RSS system, seamlessly integrated into the next version of Windows. Could this last: the age of majority "for RSS? But what RSS means for the average user of the computer at this point in […]

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Autor Government

Posted by Toni on 12th August in informatics

Besides this constitutional reform requires two ordinary sessions and in where there is qualified majority voting in favour of the reform. Which could not be applied to the election of 2012, whereupon this discarded at this present stage of Government, then there must arrange with their related to ensure the impunity of their Government just […]

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Software Support

Posted by Toni on 26th May in informatics

When we talk about mechanics, unconsciously envision a place with lots of tools for different purposes, from the simplest as pliers and screwdrivers to the most sophisticated as pneumatic and electric equipment, but too often overlooked tool is perhaps one of the most important for today’s garages, this tool is the software. Today computer programs […]

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