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Northwest Brazil

Posted by Toni on 31st July in 

Thus, if it becomes essential to recommend that one simply great removal of the action center is favorable to the increase of the calm until the Cear. This if launches two ways after consecutive frontals in the South of Brazil, ticket that in the dry years does not even occur and in the years of […]

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Intertropical Convergence

Posted by Toni on 31st July in 

In the adjacencies of the inlaid long valley of the river San Francisco on the Ecological Station of the Evenness of the Catherine. The Insane Chains of East We saw, that the deriving trade winds of the subtropical anticyclone of the South Atlantic possess one superior thermal inversion. This inversion divides the trade winds in […]

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Health Family

Posted by Toni on 31st July in 

One of the biggest desires of the human being, beyond having good conditions of life, as, health and welfare, is to structuralize/to form a family. The family known with foundation for the development of the education, principles of the ethics and moral throughout the years comes suffering changes. In the antiquity, the highly on family […]

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The Users

Posted by Toni on 31st July in 

He is perceivable that the high preparation of the hospital one if makes possible through the system of reference and against reference providing one better quality of life to the patient next to its familiar and its reality, also remaining little interned time preventing hospital infections. Therefore it takes care of the necessities with medicines […]

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Precocious Maternity

Posted by Toni on 31st July in 

Therefore, this the gestante deserves a much more special care, aiming at to an assistance directed toward it, with orientaes on all the events in this period, as periodic consultations of prenatal, a humanizada assistance to the childbirth and a worthy shelter. Levi’s can provide more clarity in the matter. The study it had as […]

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Posted by Toni on 30th July in 

The imunolgicas and endocrinolgicas theories as the alterations of the imunolgico system have been found in the schizophrenia, including the morphologic and quantitative presence of antibodies antibrain in the plasma, alterations of linfcitos and abnormal production of interleucinas and interferons (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). The psychological theory tries to explain the schizophrenia from pathological […]

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Social Representations

Posted by Toni on 30th July in 

The General theory of the Relativity of Einstein, as well as the experimental inquiries of atoms in this period, they had shaken the foundations of the Newtonian classic physics, that if kept alive already has three centuries. Capra3, standes out that: ' ' the new physics demanded deep changes in the space concepts, time, substance, […]

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The Patient

Posted by Toni on 30th July in 

Some factors can make to vary the exactness of the counting, can also cite the volume of excrements really eliminated by the patient and the amount of staple fibres and water contained in excrements. Evidently, the method does not apply liquid excrements (REY et al., 2008). It must to stand out that in infections exclusively […]

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Posted by Toni on 30th July in 

The same author affirms that the musicoterapia is applicable still in other clinical situations with certain adaptations, therefore acts basically as psychological technique, that is, inhabits in the modification of the emotional problems, attitudes, psychic dynamic energy, that will be the effort to modify any physical or psychic pathology. She also can be coadjuvante of […]

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Posted by Toni on 30th July in 

The cerebral aneurisms occur much more comumente in adults of what in children, but they can occur in any age. They are a little more common in women of what in men. The rupture of the aneurism in general provokes collapse, ' ' bigger migraine of vida' ' vomits for the bleed around the brain, […]

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Nursing Help For Teen Moms

Posted by Toni on 29th July in 

SALTY UNIVERSITY DE ACADEMIC OLIVEIRA PR-REITORIA COURSE OF NURSING ELLEN CRISTINA BARBOSA PIERRE NURSING ASSISTANCE the PREGNANT ADOLESCENTS Niteri 2009 ELLEN CRISTINA BARBOSA PIERRE NURSING ASSISTANCE the PREGNANT ADOLESCENTS Monograph presented for the conclusion of the Course of Graduation of Nursing for the Salty University of Oliveira as part of the requirements for conclusion of […]

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Performance Shoulders

Posted by Toni on 29th July in 

Inverse thread: It works the extensores of the fist, long radial extensor of carpo, short radial extensor of carpo, extensor of the fingers. Moreover, it acts on the braquiorradial, the brachial one and in lesser intensity, on the biceps of the arm. To read more click here: FireEye. It is in foot, legs slightly moved […]

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Posted by Toni on 29th July in 

The number of adepts to the Romantismo grows. In l825 Almeida Garret ‘ publishes the poem; ‘ Cames’ ‘. is with this author who is born the Romantismo in Portugal. To the side of it he appears Alexander Herculano, another incentivador of the same ideas. The Romantismo came to translate the mentality Bourgeois. If you […]

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Posted by Toni on 29th July in 

Times later it insisted that if it had gotten passionate for three of my cousins in little less of one month, after that started to prepare all type of scaffoldings against its aunts and grandmothers, things that I already more could imagine to be possible, made dangerous friendships with users of weighed, dealing drugs, heads […]

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Posted by Toni on 29th July in 

He is between the eight and thirteen years of age that the children disclose to greater interest for the reading, therefore discover that to read where and when more it it agrees, in the rhythm that more pleases to it, being able to delay or to hurry the reading; Interromp-Go, to reread or to stop […]

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Pablo Freire

Posted by Toni on 28th July in 

The professor must be the mediator of the knowledge, bringing for the alternative, classroom so that the pupil can reflect and construct its knowledge. Developing abilities that will be indispensable to take decisions, to lead, to share, to adapt it new situations and infinite other social relations. As Pablo Freire says, 1996: He says yourself […]

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Reading Rights

Posted by Toni on 28th July in 

Nobody is born knowing to read; it is learned to read it to the measure that if lives. If to read books, generally, if learns for there, in the call school of the life and thus the long-distance interaction with an interlocutor not immediately accessible can be allowed, this type of interaction is essential for […]

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Jacob Black

Posted by Toni on 28th July in 

Beyond the physical beauty, Edward also tries to move away from Bella the principle, demonstrating indications of a cavalheirismo that seems not to be present in Midnight Sun, but that to the eyes of Bella he is charming. Its family also moves away itself from the myth of vampiresco villain for the fact of that […]

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Hans Christian Andersen

Posted by Toni on 28th July in 

The act to read must be a magical moment, of exchange of knowledge and also of emotions. In the act to read the child it develops specific abilities of reading, acquiring knowledge in pleasant and efficient way, since, the reading when offered the child of subtle form, through the constant manuscript of writings, it unchains […]

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Grandma Gifts

Posted by Toni on 28th July in 

Grandmother. That associates you with this word? Summer holidays or New Year's gatherings? And maybe that beautiful sweater that she knitted her hands? As she took you in circles or met out of school? Yes, and not just to remember! Importantly, that the grandmother is doing everything with love and care. And, of course, very […]


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