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Today Time

Posted by Toni on 13th December in 

PERTAINING TO SCHOOL VACATIONS AND PIPES Boy, leave the street, do not see that the cars are passing? Already I spoke that you do not go to pass the pertaining to school vacations raising pipes, is dangerous. You saw in the television, a driver you had the neck cut with cerol, you died bleeding. He […]


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School Behaviors

Posted by Toni on 10th December in 

Sometimes, students do not behave so well in schools. There is one maybe who has urgency in reforesting ideas, recycle behaviors, to irrigate emotions, to season the land of the pardons To trim dry twigs of any fear, to smooth the social look, searching the excluded ones, where he will be, to illuminate, to oxigenar […]


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Educational Psychology

Posted by Toni on 4th December in 

New theoretical and methodological challenges: overcoming the methodological individualism and psychological reductionism Looking to recent advances in research and educational intervention, but especially thanks to the visions of runs sociocultural and situational, is no longer considered adequate or appropriate to the study or approach the subject of education from an individual level alone, but requires […]


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Modern Teacher Education

Posted by Toni on 4th December in 

A new period in the history of national pedagogy begins with the emergence of a new Russian capital – St. Petersburg. In 1709, in St. Petersburg there was one school, and by 1725 the city was already working a number of general and vocational schools. At this point, the St. Petersburg school began to develop […]

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Posted by Toni on 3rd December in 

The school census of non-university education in the city of Seville has decreased since the 1989/90 year due to falling birth rates and emigration of young couples to other stocks in the metropolitan area of Seville to be more economically affordable housing on the periphery. In kindergartens and elementary schools enrolled 61,400 students in the […]

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Czech Republic Higher Education

Posted by Toni on 2nd December in 

According to CEO Studentur (Studentur) Dmitry Sapozhnikov studying in the Czech Republic in many respects more favorable than in other European countries, judge for yourself: pay for private universities is about 2,000 euros per year of study in the Czech Republic (which much cheaper than in the universities of other countries, including the universities of […]

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Posted by Toni on 2nd December in 

Intelligence – is one of the things which distinguishes humans from animals, thanks to him, people who have dominion over all zhivim on our planet. So how do you stay at this level and not fall? Only one answer – education, development of intelligence. Education we receive in school, unfortunately not all the students of […]


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Education Courses

Posted by Toni on 1st December in 

Valencia. To read more click here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. The growth of interest in learning Spanish as a foreign language, meaningful for the past decade, did not go in parallel with the expansion of a specific education to prepare qualified teachers. Faculty of Philology, Translation, teacher training schools, etc. not have in their curricula specific […]

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