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February 2014

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Didactics Learning

Posted by Toni on 20th February in 

Thus having, a bigger cognitiva interaction between the different ethnic and cultural groupings of learning, and developing one ‘ ‘ vision situacional’ ‘ professor, of as if to hold before the necessities demanded to each moment. He has a chain enters the majority of the university professors, on the future of the studies in general. […]

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Physics Units

Posted by Toni on 20th February in 

In chemistry, all the elements of a "sort through" in Mendeleev's table. ledge.. In biology, all life is distributed by Carl Linnaeus in the genera, species, family, etc. In grammar, all words are neatly divided into parts of speech and the sentence. And that Physics? Only elementary particles in the twentieth century was laid in, […]

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Stanley Milgram

Posted by Toni on 18th February in 

Often, at work, we have a kind of superior, that we may well call coercive, energetic and bossy, boss is always aimed at achieving, to results, to the achievement of the objectives, and whose motto is do what I say, without questioning. Obedience that requires, is fierce and immediate. For him, the end justifies the […]

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Communicative Communication

Posted by Toni on 12th February in 

Communicative method of teaching foreign languages is now one of the most popular in the world. Many consider it the most advanced and most effective. Communicative method appeared in the 60's and 70's in Britain, when English gradually began to acquire the status of the language of international communication. It was then revealed that experienced […]

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United States Curriculum

Posted by Toni on 4th February in 

As I mentioned previously, in education we have manifested our growth expectations, but if we analyze the curriculum established in the plans and current study programmes we will realize that the interests and objectives set out in them are vague because, remember that according to Bourdieu (1977) the curriculum is perceived as a cultural arbitrary, […]


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Brazil And Education

Posted by Toni on 4th February in 

The contact with the parents who live similar situations must count on some guarantees, since nor all families can continuously nos be exempt of a certain component of rivalry, comparing the evolution of the respective children. In the meeting of parents, at the first moments, she can be interesting the professional mediation or the initial […]


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Latin American Education

Posted by Toni on 3rd February in 

However, the cultural elements can be valuable for one group and not for another, but remember that in every society manifests a dominant group that drives and determines the curriculum. As mentioned above, in education we judge advocate our growth expectations, but if you look at the curriculum agreed plans and programs current study we […]


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