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Posted by Toni on 13th September in economy

this, for itself, comes to become difficult the measurement of the concept. For what we look a concept that had implied the idea of temporary transaction, on the other hand, and it expressed not the return, not the reciprocity, as a college, less common, but possible, of the capital stock (FUKUYAMA, 1999 apud I CASTRATE […]


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Internet Course

Posted by Toni on 17th June in economy

Zara online at Internet clothing store chain marks an interesting milestone in its configuration. The presentation of their articles, well formed which is the relationship between products and prices and of course the support of a consolidated name make it an attractive option. But abound in the virtual world offerings, opportunities and the similar conformations, […]

Strategic Vision

Posted by Toni on 20th May in economy

Interpret the opportunities generated by the current Government, considering your needs, weaknesses, strengths. v analyze organizations, processes and functions of administrative events that ensure efficiency, productivity, quality and success. (v) apply the knowledge acquired in the development and application of techniques that facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of the organizations management and the quality of […]


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World Cup

Posted by Toni on 2nd August in economy

An excellent feature is the option to edit that he allows, among other things, create footballers, modify the score of existing ones, and even import faces for them. Many players use this option to assemble a team composed by themselves and their friends, getting a different experience that provides variety and renewal. Kindle Direct Publishing […]


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Posted by Toni on 1st November in economy

Sparkplay free sends patch for another one of its games MMORPG Earth Eternal, Long hoped, this update brings important changes to us, as much for the content within the game like for the connection of the client. Earth Eternal is a game in which the human race desaparecio of the Earth and was replaced by […]

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