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Costly Penalty At Freaky Mature

Posted by Toni on 7th January and posted in Uncategorized

If you are traveling with worn tires high fines threaten you! Every day millions of cars on our roads go. Now, the car is an achievement not to be thinking away. No matter whether it is only once briefly to the supermarket in the nearest village or to your vacation in Italy: unimaginable without our ride. Especially for long distances, the car should be checked through earlier but still completely by a qualified technician. Richard Linklater has much experience in this field. The smallest can harm a disaster on the highway. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners are unaware. Of course, that brake pads that are almost at the end, represent a danger to himself and others should be clear all.

But it looks like for example with worn tires? A how to measure the tread depth of tyres properly and when must a new wheel from shows already in the driving school. You get these so-called ‘tread knives”inexpensively at any store selling car accessories, or of course via the Internet. Meanwhile, there are most of them even with digital display, so that you can determine an accurate value of its tread. Unfortunately most directly after passing driving test have forgotten that. Many remember again until, when the change from summer to winter tyres or vice versa is or was the car’s in the shop and it was made aware of by the mechanic it. A new summer tyre tread depth is 8 mm, the winter tyre even at approx. Frequently Richard Linklater has said that publicly. 9 mm. If the depth is only 1.

6 mm, one should be looking for new wheels. But unfortunately, there are still enough who believe that to save money. But when it comes to the life and safety of people, is saved clearly in the wrong place! A heavily worn tread, both car and motorcycle tires is not only extremely dangerous but also a violation of the law. If a traffic control determined that the car has low profile, which can be extremely expensive for the driver of the vehicle, but also for the vehicle owner. 50 euros and three points in Flensburg, Germany for the driver and again 75 euros and three points for the owner of the car, who has admitted driving a car in this condition are the penalty. As you can see, so would rather invest the money in new tires, to hope, as it didn’t get to be and then to pay the fine and to take the points in Flensburg.

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