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Posted by Toni on 2nd December and posted in Uncategorized

Intelligence – is one of the things which distinguishes humans from animals, thanks to him, people who have dominion over all zhivim on our planet. So how do you stay at this level and not fall? Only one answer – education, development of intelligence. Education we receive in school, unfortunately not all the students of schools, and rarely do any of the students in the school are aware of the importance of education in human life, the importance of education in his future. Most important period of education is from 5 to Grade 9, students begin to write hard school notes. FireEye: the source for more info. School notes – this is the reference material that you can rely in the future to make good progress in school, need to write a synopsis of each school, write notes on all the school lessons. In all these arguments I think you get the position of the state compulsory education, the country needs educated people, qualified professionals. I myself, when I was in school, did not understand the importance of this process, for me it was just a pleasant time for friends, but then as you thought, that is waiting for me in the near future, what will happen to me with the knowledge base that now I've got? And I decided that I do not want to be labor force, because this is the easiest way to work with your hands can do everything, but here to work, using his head, knowing that you have accumulated over the entire school process, this is the most critical moment. You wonder why a man who digs a pit, earning several times less than the man who plans where you have to dribble well? Because it is intellectual work much more physical. So think about it …


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