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Cliff Robertson

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Cliff Robertson ( September free 9, 1925) is an American vids actor. Born in La Jolla, a town near Los Angeles, as Clifford Parker Robertson III. His parents actress had a ranch and were clips off. During school years, Robertson points to drama lessons because it was the way to avoid having to attend several of the classes. However, this activity helped you to mpegs develop an interest showtimes for the films interpretation.
During World War II was called up since his actor return from military service video clips in the income statement of Antioch College in Ohio. His first job episode was mall as a radio galleries DJ, but quickly focuses on the drama, which was traveling for two years flicks with a traveling company. Since there was a role on Broadway, where it debuted in 1952 in a play directed by Joshua Logan. After three years, Logan offered a secondary role in Picnic, a movie theater starring William Holden and Kim Novak, which means the actors beginning of his film career.
In the same year and won a mpeg leading role in the movie Autumn Leaves, premiered in 1956, which act with Joan Crawford. Criticism of his performance were positive, enabling it to have weight in the choice of their next film. babe In 1963 Jamaica was making a film whose main character was himself the future president pics John F. Kennedy, who personally chose Robertson to interpret his title character. During the years that followed Robertson continued to make playing films that were generally blockbuster. credited Showed that this player does not face a herself serious biography movie star, but if a reliable actor, cinemas capable of very different characters.
In 1968, Robertson acted in a movie thumbs I play in a masterful way of mental decline that is subjected to scientific experiments, as cinema a result of which his intelligence is developed to a level of genius. For this performance won an Oscar for best lead actor. Since then he imdb has participated in starring numerous films, in roles as it has theaters done more frequently theatre have been minor ones, but this has weakened the recognition of theatres critics and the public. He has also been involved in television production, in which half has adult come to feel comfortable.
Robertson married twice. His first marriage lasted only two years, while the second was married for 20 years. Both marriages ended in divorce. Each has a filmography daughter Robertson.

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